Me at my happy place. about me


Hi! My name is Heather. I live in Utah with my husband and 4 children. During the day I help teach others about essential oils, I am an author of fantasy romance and I groom dogs. I have a love for animals, books, writing, technology, plants, history, science, movies, traveling and essential oils.

I have always loved plants, and I fill my home with them. The Science and history behind plants and their wellness benefits, is fascinating to me. When I found out that Young living is a plant based company, I was beyond excited. Plants can help with health, cleaning, a detox, relaxation, and give a fresh smell to your home without chemicals. Its nature’s way of helping us thrive.

My Story – How I Got Into Essential Oils:

We all have a pain that we struggle with in life. For me it’s anxiety and depression.

I have been on medication since 2001. If I’m not on medications, I have panic attacks daily. For those of you that suffer from this, know that sometimes even on medication we will have our anxiety try to break through and try to destroy us.

I wanted something that I could take alongside the medication, to help even more. So I got the essential oil starter kit, and the first oil I tried was valor. Followed by Lavender and Frankincense.

It has helped me so much! I am able to leave the house more often, I can hold back my tears of fear when I’m in crowds of people, and I have been doing Facebook Lives. WHAT!

Still today I need both. My medication, and Valor essential oil. Plus I have added to my collection of oils too. I love adding CBD and frankincense to my valor.

True story BEFORE essential oils… I went to my husbands work party one year, and started crying and had to leave. Being around so many people was too much. The next time the work party came around I took fast acting prescribed medication to hold back my anxiety. Guess what? I feel asleep at the party. SO DUMB!

AFTER Essential oils… The work party came around again the next year and I had been applying valor and other essential oils for a while now. I took a deep breath, feeling nervous still to go because of past experiences, but got in the car and went. I made it through the whole gathering. Even though I still kept to myself, I could handle the people and commotion. Woohoo! Victory! This was a huge win!

I’m not saying essential oils can replace your medication because it can’t. But essential oils can support you when you need that extra boost.

My essential oil journey started in 2014. I am so grateful, that I found the benefits of these plant oils that God put on the earth to help us.