Hi! My name is Heather. I live in Utah with my husband and 4 children. During the day I  help teach others about essential oils and what they have to offer. I am also an author of fantasy romance. I have a love for animals, books, writing, technology, plants, history, Science, movies and essential oils.

I have always loved plants, and I fill my home with them. When I found out that Young living is a plant based company, and I already knew plants can give multiple benefits, I was beyond excited. Plants can help with health, cleaning, a detox, relaxation, and give a fresh smell to your home without chemicals. Its nature’s way of helping us thrive. I first started out with Essential oils to help with my over active emotions, and to calm down my brain. After that I was hooked. I now add to my essential oil collection every month to help me in numerous ways. Plants are amazing. They need us to survive, and we also need them.