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  • Thieves essential oil


    How did Thieves get it’s Name? Let’s go back in time to the Middle Ages when the dreaded BLACK PLAGUE was killing citizens of all ages and ranks in Europe. The field of medicine stood helpless with no cure and no prevention! The only recourse was for people to stay as far away from plague victims as they could! YET, in the midst of all this death, there was a band of fearless bandits (thieves, if you will), that ran around robbing the plague victims & their graves of all their jewelry and valuables. unbelievably, the thieves never caught the highly contagious disease!! How did they do it? What did…

  • Education


    What is an Essential Oil and How Do They Work? The chemistry of essential oils is absolutely fascinating. They are the life force of the plant they are derived from! When they are distilled properly, essential oils have the ability to do for us what they do for the plants. Essential oils can help support our physical, mental and emotional well-being by triggering and strengthening our bodies’ own natural processes. They are made up of tiny molecules that can deliver restorative properties to the systems that control our physiological state. The molecules of essential oils are so small, so efficient, they have the ability to affect every cell in your…

  • Immune system


    How to support your immune system? The immune system protects the body against disease and sickness. It detects pathogens and decides whether it is bad or good organisms. When the immune system is not working at its peak, it can result in getting sick. Our immune system does the best in can defending you against disease causing microorganism, but sometimes the germs invade successfully, and you become sick. Every day you are faced with things that can lower or heighten the function of your immune system. You want it to be able to fight at its best, so here are some suggestions: Be careful on how much sugar you eat.…

  • why young living


    This blog will answer your questions about who you can trust, what essential oils are most effective, who gives you the best bang for your buck, why Young Living, what is young living all about, and more, as we set out to explore all that is Young Living and share what makes its products and the company as a whole different from everyone else. From the founder to the foundation, from oils to supplements, and from quality products to community support, you will learn how all these things combine to create a company committed to providing you with nature’s best, and empowering you to be well, discover your true potential,…