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How to get starting and order with Young Living step by step? Congratulation! You decided to take your wellness to the next step. As you know there are so many benefits in using essential oils and oil infused products. Not only are you supporting all your body systems, but you are starting your chemical free life style. Plus you never have to worry about not having enough products to choose from. Look at this list…

How to get started, young living product list

Good, Better, Best options

So lets do a quick overview and then we will break it down…

Who wants to pay full price when you can get the same thing at a discount? Young Living has several options to help you get started and snag the best deal possible. Even if you already have your own Young Living account, there are still some money-saving tricks you need to know!


Head over to and add items to your cart! You will pay the higher amount shown and set up a retail account. You can upgrade to a wholesale membership at any time if you wish to get a 24% discount on all your purchases! 


Go ahead and upgrade that retail account to wholesale OR dive right in with the starter kit of your choice! These starter kits get you that coveted 24% wholesale discount on all your purchases plus access to even MORE membership perks like Essential Rewards and community support. Choose the kit that’s right for you! 


Grab a Premium Starter Kit AND say YES to Essential Rewards right away  – Young Living’s customizable subscription box program! You will earn spendable points on your starter kit, get FREE shipping on your order, and be THAT much closer to earning your first loyalty gift with Young Living!

Essential Reward Perks

  • Loyalty gifts (FREE oils)
  • Earn points that convert to product credit
  • Completely customizable from month to month
  • Access to exclusive discounted ER bundles
  • Qualifies you to receive $ for referring friends
  • FREE shipping on orders of 100 PV or more
  • Get bonus freebies depending on your monthly order total 

 Let’s get you started! Which one are you leaning towards – GOOD, BETTER, or BEST?

Create a Wholesale Account

Click HERE and it will take you to Young Livings “Become a member page.” This is where your Journey starts.

How to get started, become a member

STEP ONE… Pick what premium starter kit you want. You can check out all the starter kits on my “STARTER KIT” page. There are so many to choose from. On the picture below, can you see the tabs? Popular premium kits, other premium kits, specialty kits, or basic kits. Make sure you click through and find the starter kit you love.

How to get started, choose a starter kit

STEP TWO… Now decide if you want to in-roll in our Essential Rewards program. You can find out more about essential rewards on my “ESSENTIAL REWARDS” page. Basically it’s a monthly auto ship program that you get rewarded for, because you’re a loyal customer. It’s a way to get free product.

STEP THREEYOU CLICKED “YESTO ESSENTIAL REWARDS… Congratulations for clicking yes. Now customize your essential rewards order to fit your needs. Remember, it has to be a minumum of 50pv. (most things are 1pv = $1) If you are signing up with a starter kit you already have the 50pv covered. Just create an order so it’s ready to go for next month. You can go in and change it anytime you wish. *Please click my “ESSENTIAL REWARDS” page to see the benefits.

How to get started, Essential rewards sign up screen shot

YOU CLICKED “NO” TO ESSENTIAL REWARDS… no worries, you can always sign up later if you choose too. The next page you will see is your information page. This is the boring but necessary page.

How to get started, Member information.

SIGN-IN INFORMATION… If you have an account, it’s important to create a username and password that you can remember. There is also a space to create a 4 digit pin for extra security. This is your secrete number. They ask it of you if you call in, or if you pick up an order. Also, on the picture below you will see”sponsor/enroller”. My member number is already in the picture. (1860283) This makes sure that I can personally support you along your oily journey. You will be part of my family.

How to get started, Sign-in formation, username and password.

YOU ARE ALMOST DONE… Your next steps are shipping information, and payment information. So keep moving along and you will have your starter kit in your home before you know it. Again, remember your username, password, and pin.

WHAT ARE YOUR QUESTIONS?… let me know how I can help you. “CONTACT” me and we can do this together.

How To Reactivate Your Account

You haven’t placed an order in over a year, and now your account is inactive. Here is what you must do.

Call customer service at 1-800-371-3515 and tell them you want to reactivate your account. During your call, you will have to place an order of 50pv. To maintain your account so it never goes inactive again, you must spend 50pv per year.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Earths Magic Essentials

There are hundreds of Young Living distributor’s in the world. So why choose Earths Magic Essentials? In fact, why not just get on Young Livings website and do it yourself? Well, I was thinking the same thing!!! So I started to ponder what I could do for you. How could I stand out in the crowed. So this is what I came up with…

1) YOU WILL HAVE SOMEONE YOU KNOW TO HELP YOU– When you create your account with Young Living, have the member number of the person that referred you. If you don’t they will just assign a sponsor/enroller to your account. You won’t know them, and most of the time they won’t reach out to see if you need help.

If you go through a Young Living Distributor you know, then you always have someone there to answer your questions and help you along your wellness journey.

2) WE PROVIDE EDUCATION – Sign up for our weekly Newletter for essential oil education, news and updates. 

3) GET A FREE GIFT BY CREATING A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT – If you create a wholesale account (which means you get 24% off retail for life) I will send you a FREE Chakra Diffuser Bracelet for choosing Earths Magic Essentials.

When you create a wholesale account all that is required is that you buy a starter kit. Look at the starter kits here: There is no fees, no obligations, or any other requirements. Just enjoy your starter kit, the 24% off all orders, and I will send your a free bracelet.

4) GET AN ACCOUNT CREDIT FOR SIGNING UP FOR ESSENTIAL REWARDS – For those that want to take this to the next step, you can sign up for Essential Rewards. To know more about Essential Rewards go here: For those that sign up for Essential Rewards you will get a $10 account credit.

5) YOU WILL HAVE US ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE – I started applying essential oils into my life since 2014. I can promise you that this isn’t just a fling adventure. I will be here to help you along your way.