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DECEMBER 2020 Monthly Promos

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Here is the full breakdown of the US December promos:

100 PV
Free Shipping

190 PV
Breathe Again 15-ml
NL Black Spruce 5-ml*
Free Shipping

250 PV
Mini Travel Passive Diffuser
Breathe Again 15-ml
NL Black Spruce 5-ml*
Free Shipping

300 PV
Frankincense 15-ml
Mini Travel Passive Diffuser
Breathe Again 15-ml
NL Black Spruce 5-ml*
Free Shipping

❤Frankincense 15-ml (300 PV tier)**
Whether it has a place in your spiritual life, you use it for skincare, or you just love the enveloping, calming aroma of Frankincense, getting a 15-ml bottle of it in the promos is a HUGE deal and I love that it’s becoming a tradition with Young Living. Make it last or get some sample bottles and give it out as stocking stuffers to all your loved ones, but no matter what, celebrate! Because we love Frank. Always.
• Put your freshest face forward. Cold weather got your skin feeling frostbitten? Place a drop of Frankincense in your palm and pair it with your favorite lotion for date night-ready dewy skin.
• Spark spirituality. Invite the spirit of the season into your home by diffusing this oil’s empowering aroma when you are seeking purpose or engaged in prayer or meditation.

🧡Mini Travel Passive Diffuser (250 PV tier)
Easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect for the holidays, this ceramic mini diffuser lets you take the smell of the holidays with you wherever you go. Add 3-5 drops to the ceramic disc and let the scent fill the air. When you’re done, simply use a cotton cloth with a little soap and water and voila! It’s ready for its next use. Some oils will cause a slight discoloration, but that just means that you’re using it and spreading cheer with your fun little diffuser.
• Have holiday scents on hand. Pack this portable diffuser as you head over the river and through the woods this winter, whether you’re visiting Grandmother’s house or a cozy cabin retreat.
• Light up their season. Searching for a next-level holiday hostess gift or the hit item at your yearly gift exchange? This mini diffuser will keep things cozy and fill its new home with cheer.
***The Young Living Mini Travel Passive Diffuser is available only while supplies last. If the diffuser goes out of stock, we will reward 30 ER points instead.

💛Breathe Again 15-ml (190 PV tier)
Take a deep breath. 😉 This is real. A 15-ml bottle of Frankincense AND a 15-ml bottle of Breathe Again? This blend is normally only found in roll-on form, so having a big bottle to explore all the possibilities in your own custom rollers and diffuser blends is glorious, especially this time of year. Brighten up your home with this in your diffuser or use a carrier oil to create a comforting and uplifting chest rub!
• Inhale inspiring aromas. If your family is feeling cooped up indoors, diffuse the bright scent of Breathe Again as you brainstorm staycation ideas.
• Reawaken winter workouts. Apply this invigorating blend to your back, neck, or chest before working out and take a steamy shower afterwards for a brisk aromatic experience.

💚Northern Lights Black Spruce 5-ml (Bonus Essential Rewards 190 PV tier)**
Grown on Young Living’s Northern Lights Farm in Canada, this grounding wood oil is a fan favorite. Calming, great for skin, and one of the key ingredients in some of your favorite blends (hello Valor), having a bottle of Northern Lights Black Spruce to “spruce” up your diffuser blends during winter is just what we all need.
• Spruce up your space. Decorate for the holidays and make memories with those you love most while evergreen aromas swirl around you.
• Wave goodbye to wintry skin. Keep your skin looking merry and bright by implementing a drop or two into your nighttime winter routines.

💙Free Shipping (100 PV tier)
Still getting your holiday shopping done? Maybe you’ll be making a few orders this month? Don’t forget about Free Shipping! 😉

*Remember, in order to get the Essential Rewards Exclusive Norther Lights Black Spruce, you have to be enrolled in Essential Rewards (ER) and have an order that meets the PV requirements for that item. The extra bonus of meeting these PV amounts with your ER order is that you get even more ER points to spend later!