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Here is the full breakdown of the US September 2021 Gift With Purchase:

100 PV
Free Shipping

190 PV
Lemon Vitality
Citrus Fresh Vitality
DiGize Vitality
Orange Vitality*
Copaiba Vitality*
Free shipping

250 PV
Lavender Lemonade Vitality Drops
EndoFlex Vitality
Longevity Vitality
Lemon Vitality
Citrus Fresh Vitality
DiGize Vitality
Orange Vitality*
Copaiba Vitality*
Free shipping

300 PV
Life 9
Grapefruit Bergamot Vitality Drops
Lavender Lemonade Vitality Drops
EndoFlex Vitality
Longevity Vitality
Lemon Vitality
Citrus Fresh Vitality
DiGize Vitality
Orange Vitality*
Copaiba Vitality*
Free shipping

*Remember, in order to get the Subscribe to Save Exclusive Orange Vitality and Copaiba Vitality, you have to be enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards program (formerly known as Essential Rewards) and/or have a Subscription order that meets the PV requirements for those items. The extra bonus of meeting all these PV amounts with your S2S order is that you get even more Loyalty Points to spend later!

Life 9 (300 PV tier)
17 billion live cultures from nine beneficial bacteria strains in Life 9 help support gut health, while also being good for healthy immune function and metabolism. So as we say goodbye to summery dishes and prepare for the richer foods of fall and winter, Life 9 will have our digestive system prepared and in tip top shape.
• Go pro with probiotics. Support your healthy lifestyle by moving your body, eating a balanced diet, and taking Life 9 to promote healthy digestion.*
• Support your systems. Add taking a Life 9 pill to your daily multivitamins and supplements for an extra boost of probiotics.

Grapefruit Bergamot Vitality Drops (300 PV tier)
To keep up with staying active as we head into fall, YL’s Vitality Drops have electrolytes and Vitality oils to help flavor your water, keep your body hydrated, and make it easier to recover and keep going. The Grapefruit Bergamot has a bright, crisp taste that will remind you of summer and brighten your mood.
• Up your hydration game. Add a few drops of YL Vitality Drops to your water bottle for a yummy taste that will encourage you to keep sipping throughout the day.
• Boost your body. After a hard workout, add some YL Vitality Drops to your green smoothie for a kick of flavor and extra electrolytes.

Lavender Lemonade Vitality Drops (250 PV tier)
A mixture of refreshment and calming, Lavender Lemonade Vitality Drops also keep you hydrated and help your body recover after an active day or workout. I have a feeling once you try both flavors you’ll be stocking up on the 3-packs YL has of them both!
• Add some delish. After setting a personal record at the gym, cool down with a drink infused with flavorful Lavender Lemonade YL Vitality Drops.
• Sweeten the deal. Add a great taste to an ordinary glass of water, plus get an extra boost of trace minerals when you add YL Vitality Drops to your daily hydration routine.

EndoFlex Vitality 5-ml (250 PV tier)
Whole body health. That’s the goal with all of Young Living’s supplements and oils, and EndoFlex Vitality is a key ingredient to that lifestyle. Spearmint, Nutmeg, and more make up this blend that is perfect for adding a few drops daily to a capsule and putting it down the hatch.
• Build healthy habits. Keep up your overall wellness by building a daily checklist of things like stretching for 15 minutes, meditating, and adding EndoFlex Vitality to a relaxing cup of tea.
• Juice it up. Spice up a well-balanced breakfast with a delicious fruit smoothie that has a few drops of EndoFlex Vitality for a refreshing boost.

Longevity Vitality 5-ml (250 PV tier)
The purpose is in the name. Supporting multiple systems in our body, Longevity Vitality is particularly good for healthy looking skin! Take this daily and use the CBD Beauty Boost and you will see smoother, healthier looking skin, which is very important as seasons change. Less having our skin dry out, more looking flawless and feeling great.
• Keep grooving. Add a little movement to your day by dancing around to a few favorite tunes, then hydrate by adding Longevity Vitality to a cool glass of water.
• Treat yourself. After a hard day burning calories, take time for a breather and pour yourself a cup of tea with a few drops of Longevity Vitality.

Lemon Vitality 5-ml (190 PV tier)
Lemon Vitality is bright and fresh and sunshine in a bottle. Adding a drop or two to your morning NingXia not only tastes great, it also helps cut through brain fog, supports your immune system, and will have you upbeat and ready for the day.
• Zest it up! And some sparkle to your daily routine by putting 1–2 drops of Lemon Vitality in a vegetarian gel capsule and taking with a meal.
• Make breakfast fun. Blend a drop in pancake or waffle batter and top your breakfast with fresh fruit for a healthy meal that tastes like lemon-poppyseed cake.

Citrus Fresh Vitality 5-ml (190 PV tier)
Citrus Fresh Vitality is Lemon and other citrus oils with a bit of Spearmint that all come together for a bright, citrusy melody in your drinks, recipes, and helps turn that frown upside down. Supporting general wellness and packing in all the benefits of the citrus oils, a few drops of Citrus Fresh Vitality in a capsule every day is a welcome part of a daily wellness regimen.
• Season like a boss. Use Citrus Fresh Vitality in recipes such as fruit salads, salad dressings, and marinades to enhance the flavor.
• Personalize your beverages. Add 1–2 drops of Citrus Fresh Vitality to every 2 ounces of your favorite fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.

DiGize Vitality 5-ml (190 PV tier)
To go along with the Life 9 to prepare your digestive system for the shock of going from light summery dishes to richer fall dishes, DiGize Vitality is also good in a pinch when you need some relief. Make a warm tea with it or add a few drops to a veggie capsule and take it with some water to help with digestive discomfort.
• On the go. When road tripping, enhance your traveling experience by adding a few drops of DiGize Vitality to your water bottle.
• Time for tea! Make a soothing tea with antioxidant properties by adding honey and DiGize Vitality.

Orange Vitality 5-ml (Bonus Subscribe to Save 190 PV tier)
Ease into fall with the sweet taste of citrus but the calming vibes of fall. Orange Vitality helps support your immune system and is a great addition to all kinds of dishes, smoothies, deserts, and more! Remember, this is the same oil that’s in regular Orange, which you’ll find is a staple in a lot of fall diffuser blends. 🙂
• Boost your cooking. Use Orange Vitality in sweet or savory dishes for added flavor and zest in a healthy life.
• Hydrate like royalty. Add Orange Vitality to your drinking water after a run to give it a burst of flavor.

Copaiba Vitality 5-ml (Bonus Subscribe to Save 190 PV tier)
Copaiba Vitality has one of the most unique flavors of all of the Vitality oils. A bit of spice and somewhat richer, this is a great one to add to your meats and savory dishes. Help your body as it recovers from a workout by adding 3-4 drops to a veggie capsule and drinking plenty of water – with some of those Vitality Drops for a little extra hydration!
• Post-workout routine. Add Copaiba Vitality to Pure Protein Complete or your favorite protein drink.
• Flavor it up! Add Copaiba Vitality to your favorite smoked salmon or smoked meat recipes.

Free Shipping (100 PV tier)
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• Treat yourself. Stock up on gym-ready favorites and let us cover the cost of your deliveries.
• Get easy savings. Reach our 100 PV tier and we’ll ship your order for free.