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February 2021 Monthly Promos

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February, the month of love. The promos this month are a mix of both loving yourself and being the person you want to be in order to love others.

Let’s take a look! Here is the full breakdown of the US February 2021 promos:

❤100 PV – Free Shipping

❤❤190 PV – Ylang Ylang essential 5-ml, *Patchouli 5-ml, Free shipping

❤❤❤250 PV – Stress Away 15-ml, Ylang Ylang essential 5-ml, *Patchouli 5-ml, Free shipping

❤ ❤❤❤300 PV – Sacred Frankincense 5-ml, One Heart 5-ml, Stress Away 15-ml, Ylang Ylang essential 5-ml, *Patchouli 5-ml, Free shipping

*Remember, in order to get the Essential Rewards Exclusive Patchouli 5-ml, you have to be enrolled in Essential Rewards (ER) and have an order that meets the PV requirements for that item. The extra bonus of meeting all these PV amounts with your ER order is that you get even more ER points to spend later!

🌺Sacred Frankincense 5-ml (300 PV tier)Sacred Frankincense is the frankincense of old that is most often referenced and mentioned in scripture and ancient times. It comes from Oman and is highly sought after and SO good. It’s like kicking Frankincense up a notch. Want extra calming while going to sleep? Add a couple drops to your nighttime diffuser blend or rub a drop or two on your feet to calm your mind and body and let you fall into a more natural sleep. It really is a gift to get this in the promos. Plus, it’s really good to add to your skin care routine. 🙂 • Go with the flow. Diffuse Sacred Frankincense while performing heart-opening yoga poses to inspire feelings of passion and acceptance.• Knead it out. Combine Sacred Frankincense with a carrier oil and massage into tired muscles.

🌺One Heart 5-ml (300 PV tier)One Heart was created for last year’s Convention and it is an incredibly unique, sweet blend that is not only pleasant in aroma but encouraging and uplifting. Perfect for work, for times when you need to feel refreshed, and any time you want to enjoy this delicious aroma. • Look inward. Diffuse this blend’s sweet scent while you write a letter to yourself describing your strengths and potential.• Let love in. Apply One Heart over your heart and breathe in the blend’s heavenly, harmonizing aroma as you meditate on ways you can brighten someone’s day.

🌺Stress Away 15-ml (250 PV tier)It’s all in the name. 😉 I love the tips from Young Living below because most people don’t know that you can use Stress Away for a variety of skin care issues. Diffuse it. Wear it as a perfume. Make your own DIY Stress Away Bath Bombs or Epsom Salts when you’re out of the ones YL has. A 15-ml bottle is like a treasure in my home.• No date? No problem. Plan a pampering night in complete with a playlist of your favorite songs, EO-infused face masks, and the citrus-sweet aroma of Stress Away.• Soften your skin. Make a post-shave oil with 1 or 2 drops Stress Away and 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

🌺Ylang Ylang 5-ml (190 PV tier)Balance. Ylang Ylang is all about balance. Emotions, mental wellness, energy. It’s great for making hair shiny and healthy and keeping healthy looking skin look great. It is in so many of the emotion blends and the big reason is balance. It’s calming and uplifting. It promotes feelings of encouragement. It’s like a security blanket oil within blends and one that is so helpful all on its own. P.S. This is used in a lot of “love potions” during Valentine’s Day. Just an FYI. 😉 • Soak in the moment. Draw a dreamy bath with ½ cup of Epsom salt and 5–8 drops of Ylang Ylang.• Treat your tresses. Make a moisturizing night mask for your hair with 3 drops Ylang Ylang, 2 drops Orange, and 2 tablespoons olive oil.

🌺Patchouli 5-ml (Bonus Essential Rewards 190 PV tier)No, not the incense. This is the skin hydrating, emotional calming, great in a DIY perfume, patchouli oil that all our moms wish they had. Maybe you can give them this so they can fall in love with it too? Never hurts to share. 🙂 • Pamper your complexion. Gently hydrate dry skin with a drop of Patchouli in your lotion or serum.• Smell good, feel good. Perk up your senses with a custom body spray—Patchouli makes a great base note.

🌺Free Shipping (100 PV tier)Still free. Freer than free. You’ve got this wonderful option of getting free shipping on your ER or Shop orders that are 100 PV or more!