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seed to seal


How do I know if my oils are pure? What is seed to seal?

Young Living stands out in the arena of essential oils for many reasons, but the biggest reason is simply because they produce THE MOST authentic essential oils available.

There is SO much information out there about essential oils that is can be confusing, but there is some things that are important to know…

95% of oils out there on the market are not therapeutic grade, but rather produced for the food and fragrance industry. Companies are cutting corners on production to try to produce more oils, and their methods put toxic or synthetic ingredients into the oil or destroy some of the important compounds necessary in therapeutic grade oils. So be careful when getting your oils form the grocery store, you may be buying ingredients you don’t want.

“100% pure” doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have therapeutic properties. When a company says its oils are “pure” that only means that the oil does not contain some other essential oil. The question of whether or not the essential oil is tainted with chemicals or solvents is not even considered. Legally, only 5% of what’s in that bottle has to be the actual essential oil and then they can call it “pure.” It’s sad, but that’s how companies are selling these oils at such reduced prices! Unfortunately, when it comes to essential oils, you really do get what you pay for.

After you do your research and decide on a company you like, you want to be sure that the oils were harvested and distilled correctly! Companies will distill a plant more than once to get as much oil as possible out of a plant which allows for more quantity but produces a poorer quality oil. Also, you have no clue if those plants were harvested at the appropriate time or distilled long enough to get all of the therapeutic goodness out of the plant. If you are wanting to buy oils for therapeutic purposes, it is VERY important to be aware of how responsible a company is in their process! They should be publishing their standards.

seed to seal

When we’re buying food from the store, isn’t it great to know where it’s coming from? Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee that is unmatched, and I love the fact that they are involved in the entire process from choosing the little tiny seed, to cultivating, distilling, testing, and bottling the oils.

Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee and promise. They abide by very strict guidelines to fulfill their promise to send pure products to your home. 

  • Their farms and partner farms abide by strict standards.
  • They select the strongest seeds from strong thriving plants. 
  • They hand-weed and use their own oils on plants for pest control to avoid the use of toxic chemicals.
  • They harvest at peak times to ensure quality oils. 
  • They distill on site without chemicals.
  • They test every batch. If it doesn’t meet their standards because of weather conditions or for any other reason, they do not bottle it up. 

All of these factors make a huge difference in quality and effectiveness.

Check out more about their Seed to Seal promise at Young Living is as transparent as they come. You can visit any farm and actually see the whole process. Seeing with your own eyes is believing. You will know you’re getting the best oils you can.

They are committed to quality and refuse to compromise in this category. If this means they have to allow an oil to be out of stock for a while until they can get a crop that meets their standards, they will make that sacrifice. It’s worth it to them not to compromise quality!

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