Young Living business opportunity


Considering the Young Living business side but unfamiliar with how it all works? This blog will provide you with all the specific details of the Young Living compensation plan along with some business tips and tricks

Why Consider The Young Living Business Opportunity?  

Why YL

Young Living is a network marketing company. Instead of them pouring tons of money into big advertising campaigns they pass that money onto us; we spread the word for them and get paid to do so. To see REAL incomes visit . 

You are not required to keep inventory on hand. You help people purchase a starter kit just like you did and begin their membership, ordering directly from Young Living. When those people place orders or help other people enroll… you earn an income. It’s as simple as that. You can also earn income from those that order as a Retail Customer under you but we will get more into that later.

This business opportunity brings along a little something called residual income. If you need to take time off for vacation, a medical emergency, or for any other reason you can still get paid! You invest your time and energy into this business and the return can be incredible. 

With Young Living comes a willable income as well as NO income ceiling. You heard that right! The income that your Young Living business generates can be willed to your children {or whomever you want} when you’re no longer around… forever. And there’s no limit to the amount of income you can earn. Talk about leaving a legacy! 

The relationships that develop from this business are simply incredible. You will meet new friends and reconnect with old friends. You’ll meet like-minded people who are ready and willing to cheer you on to reach your goals and see your dreams fulfilled. And you’ll be helping people you love and care for – what more could you ask for?!

Terms & Definitions

terms and definitions

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of the compensation plan I think it’s important that we cover some of the most commonly-used terms and definitions. 

Sales Organization: Also known as a downline, this encompasses all members located beneath a particular distributor. This includes the distributor and all levels within his or her organization.

Level: The position of a distributor within a sales organization. Those distributors who are immediately sponsored by another distributor would be considered the sponsoring distributor’s first level. Those distributors who are sponsored by a distributor’s first level would be considered that distributor’s second level and so on.

Enroller: The person responsible for personally introducing a new distributor to Young Living.

Sponsor: A distributor’s direct upline and main support. The sponsor may also be the enroller.

Leg: Each personally sponsored member is considered first level and a separate leg within an organization. 

Retail Customer: A member who chooses not to build a Young Living business and sell Young Living products but desires to purchase the product only for personal use. Customers need to be sponsored and enrolled by a current Young Living distributor. A Customer’s purchases apply towards their sponsor’s OGV and total sale volume.

PV: Many products sold by Young Living have a Personal Volume (PV) amount assigned to them. The volume of products that are purchased is reflected in PV. PV is one of the requirements for ranking within the compensation plan, and it accumulates throughout each commission period.

OGV: Organization Group Volume is the entire sales volume of a sales organization. This can be determined by calculating the sum of the PV of all the distributors and customers within a particular organization. OGV accumulates throughout each commission period.

PGV: The monthly volume in an organization, excluding any Silver or higher rank volume and any qualifying leg(s) volume. 

Distributor: Any Young Living member who is actively building his or her own Young Living business. In order to receive compensation, a distributor must be considered active. With 100 PV, the distributor qualifies to receive compensation on the volume of two unilevels in his or her organization (paid at 8% and 5%, respectively) in addition to any retail earnings, Fast Start, and Start Living Kit bonuses.

You may see a few more terms come up within the class but don’t let that overwhelm you. This class is here to inform you; having all this memorized isn’t necessary. Over time it will make more and more sense. Plus – you can ALWAYS refer to the Compensation Plan portion of your Virtual Office → Member Resources → Quick Links → Compensation Plan Highlights. 

What Is Required Of You To Do The Business?

what is required

What’s so amazing about this business is the startup cost and what’s required of you to bring home a paycheck. You aren’t shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars to launch a company. The only thing you need is your Young Living membership, which costs as little as $35 with the Basic Starter Kit! That’s insane! 

After that, the only thing that’s required of you to earn a Young Living paycheck (and get all the bonuses and commissions available to you) is to spend 100 PV. That can be all on Essential Rewards or a combo of ER and one-time orders. If you’re ordering things for your wellness lifestyle that’s so easy to spend. You don’t have any minimum sales goals you have to meet or quotas you have to fill. And you aren’t penalized if you decide to take a break or step away. This is all on your terms. 

Now, technically there are some bonuses that only require a 50 PV purchase (and we will cover that next). However, it’s just safer for me to recommend that you spend 100 PV on Essential Rewards because that will definitely qualify you for all the commissions and bonuses you’re eligible for. 

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, you need to be a product of the product. Your business won’t ever grow if you never tell anyone about it. We will discuss sharing a bit more later on, but I want to make sure you know how important it is to be living this wellness lifestyle in front of others every day. 

How Do You Make Money? 

how do you make money

So how DO you make money? That’s the winning question. Well, in the simplest form… 

  1. Enroll others.
  2. Get them on Essential Rewards.
  3. Teach them how to enroll others and get those people on Essential Rewards. 

Seems simple enough, right? It really is! Once you have become a member yourself (and most likely if you’re attending this class you already ARE a member), you then have the ability to help others enroll just like you did! When you enroll someone with a Premium Starter Kit you get at least $50 as a referral bonus (would increase if they add onto their kit). You’ll receive an additional $15 if they purchase a Premium Starter Kit and join Essential Rewards (at any time with a successfully processed 100 PV order). That’s a total of $65 right off the bat. I will explain where that $50 comes from in a followup class so stay tuned for that. For now, all you need to know is that you can refer others to join with a PSK and you get paid for doing that! Simply have them enter your member number into the sponsor and enroller fields upon signup and BOOM – you’re good to go!

Now – let’s talk about Essential Rewards. If you aren’t on ER yet, get on that! This is what helps you become a product of the product. You are replacing the junk in your home with healthy, safe alternatives and showing others how to do that too. Essential Rewards is what allows you to try new things and create stories to share with others. It’s also the best deal for ordering – so why not?! When your members are on ER, they are ordering regularly, which means you get paid regularly. Your commissions come from orders placed by those under you. Make sense? 

Lastly, you want those you’ve enrolled to be able to repeat this process themselves. Show THEM how to share their stories, live their wellness lifestyle in front of others, and help others enroll. Show THEM how beneficial Essential Rewards is and why their friends need it too. Duplication is key! 

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. That is how you grow this business. 

Making Money: Retail Customers

retail customers

When you enroll a Retail Customer they pay full retail price for their products; they are not receiving wholesale pricing. That means YOU earn 24% of whatever PV they order during a given month. Although this sounds like a lot, it will be more beneficial for that person to purchase a starter kit and become a member. Not only will they begin to receive wholesale pricing, but YOU could earn more in the long run from their purchases – especially if they join Essential Rewards. 

If someone just asks you for one oil or products, chances are they don’t see or know about the value they’re missing out on. Get to know them and their needs and match them up to a starter kit. There is a starter kit for everyone. Most needs can be met with an Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit. However, I know not everyone falls into that category, which is why there are other kits available. Helping them convert from Retail to Wholesale will benefit you BOTH in the long run so take the time to help them do that. 

Making Money: Bonuses


Ok.. so once someone decides to take the plunge and become a Young Living member that means YOU are eligible for moolah! Before we dive into the specifics I want to remind you that bonuses and commissions are all based on PV totals.

If you remember from the “Terms & Definitions” post, PV just refers to the value given to a product. For example, the Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit is given a value of 100 PV. However, a Basic Starter Kit is given a value of 0 PV. If someone only purchases a Basic Starter Kit and adds no other products to their order… you won’t have any PV to calculate a bonus from. Therefore you won’t earn any money from their purchase. This is ONE of the many reasons why it’s important to share the value of the premium starter kits OR help them add product to their Basic Starter Kit purchase. 


You earn a $25 bonus when you enroll someone with a Premium Starter Kit (any of the premium kits available). Remember when we talked about what’s required of you to earn a paycheck? I mentioned that you should be spending 100 PV so you don’t miss any eligible commissions/bonuses. Well, this bonus only requires you to spend 50 PV via a SHOP ORDER (one-time order) or an Essential Rewards order (within the same month that you enroll that new person) in order to claim your $25 referral bonus! Does that make sense? 


With this bonus you earn 25% of your new enrollee’s PV for their first three months of membership. If your new enrollee enrolls anyone you also earn 10% of those new members’ PV during their first three months of membership as well. This bonus only requires you to spend 50 PV via a SHOP ORDER (one-time order) or an Essential Rewards order (within the same month that you enroll that new person) in order to claim it. This bonus caps at $200 per member per month. 


With this bonus you earn an ADDITIONAL $15 when your new enrollee joins Essential Rewards for the first time and places a 100 PV order (beyond their Premium Starter Kit). This bonus only requires you to spend 50 PV via a SHOP ORDER (one-time order) or an Essential Rewards order (within the same month that you enroll that new person) in order to claim it. 

Example: You enroll Julie with a Premium Starter Kit (100 PV) in June. You have placed at least a 50 PV order in June as well. Because of the Starter Kit Bonus you will earn $25 for enrolling her PLUS an additional $25 thanks to the Fast Start Bonus (25% of 100 PV). That’s a total of $50 for enrolling Julie with a Premium Starter Kit. If Julie decides to join Essential Rewards and place a 100 PV order beyond her starter kit you will earn an additional $15. You will receive this total amount in July. 

NOTE: If Julie orders additional products during the month of June you will earn 25% of that PV as well. That percentage continues for July and August then adjusts to a lower percentage, which we will discuss soon.

Making Money: Commissions


Not only do you earn money by enrolling others with a Premium Starter Kit, but you also earn money from their subsequent orders. This is where commissions come into play. You are required to spend 100 PV, as I mentioned earlier, to be eligible for these. Once your new member’s first three months of membership is up (think Fast Start Bonus time), a new earning percentage kicks in depending on where they reside in your downline. You start off by earning 8% Unilevel Commission on your Level 1 (those directly under you) and 5% on your Level 2 (those under your Level 1). As you go up in rank you will earn further down into your downline (4% up to Level 5, depending on your rank). 

Once you hit the rank of Silver you gain access to something called Generation Commissions, where you earn a percentage of each generation’s volume below you. (We didn’t cover the word “Generation” in the Terms & Definitions portion, but it just refers to the Silver and above leaders beneath you.) This percentage ranges from 1% to 3% depending on your rank and the given generation. Reaching the rank of Silver also gives you access to the Generation Leadership Bonus – 6.25% of all Young Living’s monthly commissionable sales is paid out in shares according to the rank you achieved for the month and on the leaders in your organization on which you earn generation commissions. Diamond leaders and above are eligible for yet another bonus called the Diamond Leadership Bonus; Young Living pays 0.5% of the monthly commissionable sales in shares to Diamond leaders as a reward for helping bring oils to homes worldwide. Wow! That’s a mouthful. Don’t let all that overwhelm you; just take it in as you climb those ranks. Hang in there – we are almost done! 

Ranks & Silver Bound Bonuses


I just started mentioning various ranks and how each rank can open up new earning opportunities. You can view the current incomes for each rank at But what are those ranks and how do you reach them? 

Before I get too far, know this – each rank requires a certain OGV. This is the total volume of your order plus everyone’s order(s) within your organization. Some ranks also require you to have legs and a certain volume within those legs. What are legs? Every person you enroll and keep on your Level 1 is a leg, meaning those directly under you. 

Once you’ve enrolled people and THEY begin to enroll people (or you request your own new enrollees to be placed under them)… your legs grow and their volume increases, which increases your OGV and helps you reach new ranks!

As the ranks go up you will notice another term mentioned – PGV. This is the volume of your personal generation outside of your qualifying legs (includes your own purchases). This may seem like a lot to take in; however, all this gets tracked for you in your Virtual Office → Dashboard → Rank Qualification. Hallelujah! Let’s take a look at each rank.


This is the first rank you can hit as a Young Living business builder. You will need 500 OGV to achieve this rank. Remember – this number includes your personal order(s). No legs are required. However, there is a special $50 Silver Bound Bonus you can earn for hitting this rank within 2 months of joining AND starting two legs at 200 OGV each. 


You will need 2,000 OGV to achieve this rank; that includes your personal order(s). No legs are required. However, there is a special $250 Silver Bound Bonus you can earn for hitting this rank within 3 months of achieving Star for the first time AND starting two legs at 500 OGV each. 


You will need 4,000 OGV to achieve this rank; that includes your personal order(s). You must also have two legs at 1,000 OGV each. You can earn a special $500 Silver Bound Bonus if you hit this rank within 3 months of achieving Senior Star for the first time AND have a third leg at 500 OGV.


You will need 10,000 OGV to achieve this rank; that includes your personal order(s). You must also have two legs at 4,000 OGV each plus 1,000 PGV. You can earn a special $1500 Silver Bound Bonus if you hit this rank within 4 months of achieving Executive for the first time AND have a third leg at 1,000 OGV.

NOTE: You can earn a special Bridge to Gold Bonus – the Premier Aroma Collection of oils (wholesale value of $2,162) – if you reach at least 22,500 OGV with two legs at 4,000 OGV each PLUS a third and fourth leg at 1,000 OGV each within 6 months of hitting Silver for the first time.

Ranks & Silver Bound Bonuses (cont.)



You will need 35,000 OGV to achieve this rank; that includes your personal order(s). You must also have three legs at 6,000 OGV each plus 1,000 PGV. If you earned the Bridge to Gold Bonus you should be well on your way to achieving this rank! 


You will need 100,000 OGV to achieve this rank; that includes your personal order(s). You must also have four legs at 8,000 OGV each plus 1,000 PGV.


You will need 250,000 OGV to achieve this rank; that includes your personal order(s). You must also have five legs at 15,000 OGV each plus 1,000 PGV.


You will need 750,000 OGV to achieve this rank; that includes your personal order(s). You must also have six legs at 20,000 OGV each plus 1,000 PGV.


You will need 1,500,000 OGV to achieve this rank; that includes your personal order(s). You must also have six legs at 35,000 OGV each plus 1,000 PGV.

FUN FACT: The Silver Bound program is not sequential. That means that if you did NOT earn the previous bonus, you can still earn the next one! For instance, if you earn the Star bonus but miss the Senior Star bonus, you CAN still qualify for the Executive bonus. That’s amazing!



Recognition Retreats are a super fun incentive for rank advancements and Young Living offers some pretty amazing ones! There are retreats for Silvers, Golds, Platinums, and Diamonds. Each retreat is in a different location and includes something unique for you to experience. You’ll also get to enjoy some team training, meals, and swag! You’ll leave the retreat inspired and empowered like never before, ready to grow your Young Living business to new levels of success and abundance!

Once you qualify for Silver for three consecutive months you can earn a trip to the Young Living Lavender Farm & Distillery in Mona, Utah. Once you qualify for Gold for three consecutive months you can earn a trip to St. Maries Lavender Farm & Distillery in St. Maries, Idaho. Once you qualify for Platinum for three consecutive months you can earn a trip to the Finca Botanica Farm in Ecuador. These are one-time trips but completely packed with unforgettable experiences!

New Diamond members are invited to attend the Diamond Retreat, which changes location every year, all expenses paid with one qualified guest. The member must reach the rank of Diamond for a minimum of three consecutive months for the first time within the qualification period. The annual Diamond retreat is also open to continuing Diamonds, Crown Diamonds, and Royal Crown Diamonds. Young Living will pay a percentage of the cost of the trip, including travel, for the member and one eligible guest based on the number of months he or she has maintained paid rank as a Diamond or above over the qualification period. For complete details on Recognition Retreats go here:

How To Build Legs

how to build legs

All this talk of ranks is great, but how do you get there? Well, you need volume and you need LEGS. Whenever you enroll someone (your member number is listed as the Sponsor and Enroller) they immediately go on your Level 1 (directly under you). After you feel like you have a solid foundation of people on your Level 1 you may want to start requesting that your new enrollees be placed further down on your Level 2 and so on. You will remain the Enroller but you will have someone else in your downline become the Sponsor. You have 30 days to move someone once they enroll or else there is paperwork and a fee involved. Simply send an email to and they’ll take care of it. 

Sample Email: 

Hi! My name is Erica Nation, member number 123456, pin 1234. I’d like to restructure my downline please. 

I’d like to remain the Enroller for Susie Member (member number 000000) and change her Sponsor to Julie Member, member number 1111111.

Thank you, 


Everyone runs their Young Living business differently, but I would consider placing your new enrollees under those people who are loving the products and have joined Essential Rewards, preferably spending at least 100 PV already. Once you place people under them they will eventually begin to earn commissions off those people’s orders as well. So not only are helping them become a “builder” and earn an income, you are growing your own legs and preparing yourself to achieve higher ranks. Plus you’re creating a community within your downline, giving those new enrollees more people to reach out to and have as a support system. You don’t want to always be the person people run to. When your team grows to thousands of people you cannot be the sole support provider. You will NEED your leaders to help. Connecting your team and creating a strong sense of community will get you far. 

Next Steps

next step

This business isn’t a “get rich quick” kind of business. Are there builders out there that have grown quickly? Of course! But that doesn’t mean everyone will grow that way. You will have to put time and effort in; you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. There will be days when you want to give up, when you want to throw in the towel, when you feel like this business may not be for you. Let me suggest a few things to help with this… 

 Know your “why.” Why did you decide to give this business a go? Do you have debt that needs paid off? Do you have dreams that need pursued? Kids that want to attend college? Write out your reason for doing this and remind yourself daily what you’re working towards. Create a vision board so you are visually reminded to keep going and not to give up! 

 Use your oils. There are a slew of oils and blends out there to help with emotions and mindset. Use them! Repeat positive affirmations out loud and inhale your oils. Apply them daily and diffuse them! Mindset will play a HUGE role in this business so don’t shy away from using your oils to help with this.

 Surround yourself with support. You may not have a very involved sponsor. That’s ok! Keep digging until you find someone in your upline that is and ask them for their support. I guarantee someone along the way will be ready and willing to do that for you. Get plugged into your upline’s group(s), too. Comment and post things! Tag your members and get involved. Find some crossline friends to partner up with and run. We are all on #TeamYL and need to cheer each other on. 

 Don’t play the comparison game. It’s easy to look at Susie Member and say, “She has such a gorgeous Instagram and a ton of followers! She enrolls 15 people a month. There’s no way I could do that!” Don’t do that. You are your OWN business owner and will have your own path. Set your goals and your intentions and put your blinders on. Don’t look to the left and the right and compare your progress to someone else’s. You CAN do this; embrace all the ups and downs and keep going. 

 Keep relationships your #1. We are in this business to help others so keep your relationship with them top priority – members, teammates, uplines, prospects, everyone. It’s not about the sale or the size of your paycheck at the end of the day. Now don’t get me wrong – those things are important – but they aren’t our main focus. When you put people first the rest will come naturally. 

Thank You

Thank you so much for reading until the end! I understand it’s a lot! Try not to get overwhelmed, it takes time to learn. Just take one step at a time, and it will all fall into place. I really hope this blog left you feeling more equipped to pursue your dreams and give the Young Living business opportunity a closer look.