Considering the Young Living business side but unfamiliar with how it all works? This blog will provide you with a general overview of the business opportunity and a look into REAL incomes. We will briefly cover how network marketing works and why Young Living might be just the kind of “job” you’ve been looking for. 

What Business Model Does Young Living Follow?

Young Living business opportunity

Young Living is considered a network marketing company. Now, before you decide to stop listening (HA!) allow me to explain this a little further. Network Marketing is when you sell a product through a company and generate income from the efforts of others who are doing the same thing under you. Instead of Young Living pouring tons of money into big advertising campaigns they pass that money onto us; we spread the word for them! We are the walking, living products of the product. 

You are not required to keep inventory on hand. This is HUGE! You are simply spreading the word about wellness products you trust and love, then connecting those people to Young Living directly. You help them unlock their 24% discount just like you did and begin their journey. When those people place orders or help other people join… you can earn an income as a Brand Partner. It’s as simple as that. 

This business model allows for so much more flexibility than conventional jobs. You work during the hours that work for YOU; you can work from home, the car, your phone, vacation, wherever you want. You can put in it whatever you’re willing to put into it.

It also brings along a little something called residual income. If you need to take time off for vacation, a medical emergency, or for any other reason you can still get paid! Depending on how well your business is set up… you may even see an increase in your pay while you’re enjoying time off. That NEVER happens at a conventional job. You invest your time and energy into this business and the return can be incredible. 

REAL Incomes

Young Living business opportunity

Before we go any further I want to share with you the most recent income disclosure statement. Friends, these are REAL incomes. I had no idea these numbers were truly possible until I saw them enter my bank account and my friends’ bank accounts. 

This business opportunity is not a “walk in the park.” You will have to put time and effort in to see these numbers come to life – just like any other job. But, in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the hurdles you might encounter. You won’t know unless you try.

The Other Benefits

Young Living business opportunity

Money is a wonderful thing and can bring so much freedom. However, we all know life isn’t just about money and how much we accumulate. There is more to life! Let’s take a look at what else you can expect to see come from this unique business opportunity.


Have you ever wanted to be your own boss, work when you want, take time off when you need, pursue your dreams? Well this job checks all those boxes! It works completely around YOU. That doesn’t mean that you get to sit around eating bonbons and kick up your feet while the money comes pouring in. Just like any other job, your paycheck will reflect your efforts. The amazing part is though – if you’ve done a good job at showing those you refer how to DUPLICATE what you do, the residual income will come naturally.

No Income Ceiling

You read that right. There is NO LIMIT to what you can earn! How incredible and freeing is that?! I doubt there are many jobs out there that compare. 

Willable Income

The income that your Young Living business generates can be willed to your children {or whomever you want} when you’re no longer around… forever. THAT is unheard of, friends. Talk about leaving a legacy! 

No Inventory or Overhead 

I briefly mentioned this earlier, but there is no inventory or overhead required! You don’t have to front money for a bunch of products that may or may not get sold. You don’t have to pour those hard-earned funds into a storefront or even an online store. You are simply connecting people to their own Young Living account and being a support system throughout their wellness journey.


This, my friends, is the icing on the cake! The relationships that develop from this business are simply incredible. You will meet new friends and reconnect with old friends. You’ll meet like-minded people who are ready and willing to cheer you on to reach your goals and see your dreams fulfilled. And you’ll be helping people you love and care for – what more could you ask for?!

How do you make money?

Young Living business opportunity

So how DO you make money? That’s the winning question. Well, in the simplest form… 

  1. Become a Brand Partner & refer others to unlock their 24% discount.
  2. Get them on Subscribe to Save & earning Loyalty Rewards.
  3. Teach them how to refer others and get those people on Subscribe to Save*. 

Seems simple enough, right? It really is! Once you’ve unlocked that 24% discount yourself, you then have the ability to help others jump in just like you did! If you want the opportunity to earn an income, be sure to purchase a Business Essentials Kit and choose to become a Brand Partner with Young Living. Don’t worry – you can still order just like Customers do! 

When you (as a Brand Partner) refer someone to unlock their 24% discount and become a Young Living Customer, you are eligible to earn 25% of whatever PV they spend during their first three months with Young Living (up to $200/month). It’s called the Fast Start Bonus. Then anything they purchase after that (if they remain a Customer) will bump down to the appropriate commission percentage based on where they are in your organization. If that person chooses to become a Brand Partner the commissions could change. We will discuss the Fast Start Bonus and commissions in more detail in another blog, as there is even more earning potential packed within.

It is important to note that you must have 100 CV in order to earn that potential income (for ranks Associate through Executive). What is CV? Glad you asked! CV = Customer Volume. Customer Volume is any combination of your personal purchases plus your first-level Customers’ purchases for a given month. This provides Brand Partners with so much flexibility! For example, you enroll Sally as a Customer; she purchases 200 PV in her first order. Her purchase would qualify you to receive commission on her order since she is one of your Level 1 Customers and is included in that CV total. 

These totals reset on the first of every month. Therefore, based on our example, if Sally were to only purchase 20 PV in month 2, you would need to either spend 80 PV yourself or combine other first-level Customers’ purchases to help you reach that 100 CV total you need to qualify for commissions and bonuses in month 2. These amounts can easily be checked in your Virtual Office, so don’t stress over trying to track them manually.

Remember, the term CV only applies to the ranks of Associate through Executive. Once you hit the rank of Silver, that requirement switches to 100 PV. That means you personally are required to spend 100 PV that month in order to earn commissions and bonuses. 

Now that you know what’s required to earn money – let’s talk about Young Living’s “Subscribe to Save” program. If you aren’t subscribing to your favorite products yet, get on that! This is what helps you become a product of the product. You are replacing the junk in your home with healthy, safe alternatives and showing others how to do that too. “Subscribe to Save” is what allows you to try new things and create stories to share with others. It’s also the best deal for ordering thanks to the available Loyalty Rewards found within. When your members are subscribing to products, they are ordering regularly, which means you get paid regularly. Your commissions come from orders placed by those under you. Make sense? 

Lastly, you want those you’ve enrolled to be able to repeat this process themselves. Show THEM how to share their stories, live their wellness lifestyle in front of others, and help others enroll. Show THEM how beneficial “Subscribe to Save” is and why their friends need it too. Duplication is key! 

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. That is how you grow this business. 

*Note: Customers can refer people to purchase from YL. However, they are not eligible to earn an income unless they choose to become a Brand Partner by purchasing a Business Essentials Kit.

What is required of you to do the business? 

Young Living business opportunity

What’s so amazing about this business is the startup cost and what’s required of you to bring home a paycheck. You aren’t shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars to launch a company. The only thing you need is your desire to succeed and a Business Essentials Kit for $29.95. That makes you a Brand Partner and eligible to earn bonuses and commissions. That’s an insanely affordable startup cost! 

After that, the only thing that’s required of you to earn a Young Living paycheck (and get all the bonuses and commissions available to you) is either 100 CV or 100 PV, depending on what rank you are. Remember, CV is an aggregate total of your personal purchases plus the purchases of your first-level Customers. Once that requirement switches to PV at the rank of Silver, you will be spending that entire 100 PV yourself to qualify. If you’re regularly ordering things to support your wellness lifestyle that’s so easy to spend. You don’t have any minimum sales goals you have to meet or quotas you have to fill. And you aren’t penalized if you decide to take a break or step away. This is all on your terms. 

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, you need to be a product of the product. Your business won’t ever grow if you never tell anyone about it. We will discuss sharing a bit more, but I want to make sure you know how important it is to be living this wellness lifestyle in front of others every day. 

Next Steps

So now that I’ve given you a general overview of what the Young Living business side looks like, I want to show you some ‘next steps’ you can take to get this whole thing started. 

  1. Join “Subscribe to Save.” You lead by example. How are others supposed to see the value of subscribing and Loyalty Rewards if you aren’t participating in it yourself? You can start at ordering 50 PV but I would recommend bumping that to at least 100 PV so you don’t ever have to worry about qualifying for commissions when the time comes. Most leaders will order 300 PV or more so that they’re earning all the monthly promotional items and can educate their teams about them – but don’t feel pressured to do that until your business income allows.
  2. Become a Brand Partner. If you are currently a Customer, go to Young Living’s website and find “Become a Brand Partner.” Click that and follow the prompts. You will need to purchase a Business Essentials Kit, which comes with everything you need to get started. 
  3. Start sharing – if you haven’t already. Talk about your successes and share those stories with others. Do it in person. Do it online. Just live your wellness lifestyle in front of others. They will take notice. You can host “classes” or “workshops” and connect people to the education you’ve been given. Don’t feel like you have to be an expert before you can start sharing! This is a “learn-as-you-go” type of business and we learn together! Make sure your friends have your personal referral link before ordering or simply give them your referral number to enter upon checkout. If you don’t have a ton of resources available to you from your enroller’s support team, get connected to GROworkspace. You’ll get access to a TON of business training resources plus class content you can share with others, with new content coming out on the regular. Plus, with a paid subscription, you’ll get access to their VIP group for additional support. Go here to start the FREE trial:

Thank You

Young Living business opportunity

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this.

I am always here to support you in any way that I can, so please reach out so I can tell you even more details on the compensation plan.